A Journey Into My Soul

We are told: “Live your life to the fullest!”

…and I am here to do just that. And at the same time, be surprised by countless opportunities that I know will struck my life every day, helping me learn new lessons and be transformed unexpectedly. My Journey serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world while living in the moment.

So, sit back, relax, read on and join me in a Journey Into My Soul.

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I found Peace today. She had been hiding in a dark corner of my heart. Actually, I found her next to Happiness. They were both hiding from each other and especially from me the last couple of weeks. You see, for a while they were part of my life. Like when I made the decision […]

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Making The Best Out Of This

“You have breast cancer.” I could see them waiting for my reaction. “Ok”, I said. After being an oncology nurse for several years the news didn’t impact me. And after how my life has turned around and the way things have unfolded around me lately, nothing surprises me anymore. With pathology results, a book on […]

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The weather man announced 55% chance of rain today. Throughout the whole day I’ve been waiting for the clouds to close in and for the rain to start washing away the pain. I’ve been realizing for some time now, how much pain has been trapped inside of me… far too long. Today I have been […]

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Bursting In Colors

As I grew up, I began to discover there were multiple colors in the world, that just like me, could paint the world beautifully. They were different. They traveled at a different speed than me. They bent at any angle life put in front of them, and they kept on shining!

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