Stepping Out

Every day life discloses a road filled with smooth and rough moments. Happy and sad moments. Ugly moments and beautiful moments. Embarrassing and proud moments. Moments that make us question the reasons why things happen the way they do. Why are we put in situations that are confusing? Why are we forced to make difficult decisions? However, every moment lived and every little step into the unknown opens up our eyes to beautiful, yet turbulent and unexplained moments. Moments that will be forever part of our life, transforming us into who we are.

There will be instances that will captivate, amaze, or overwhelm us. If we welcome those moments, we will be transformed forever. Because we will discover beauty in everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. Only we can make the decision to either embrace the challenges and evolve, or to remain stagnate and rot. Transformation is not an easy process. It will be painful. Painful memories and unsound habits have grown deep inside our heart becoming part of our soul, need to be pulled from us. As they are eradicated through pain and confusion, we hurt. It is never easy to be brought out of our comfort zone; a zone where we feel safe and unchallenged.

And I ask you today, what makes you vulnerable? What evil have you allowed to grow deep inside of you preventing you from reaching your full potential and dreams? What is rotting inside your soul? What beauty are you keeping to yourself not allowing others to see and love? When we step out from our comfort zone the result will be a life filled with pride and a sense of fulfillment, peace and joy.

And that my friend, will only be the beginning.

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